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Moving Mountains
How is the digital world changing our relationship to the physical world?
What does it mean to move earth around the planet?


This is a performance that took place in May of 2009 in San Francisco and has continued to evolve through virtual space. The first phase of the performance lasted 10 hours. I built 2 wood containers and filled them with 5 cubic yards of earth. I had the earth delivered to Balboa Street from South San Francisco.
First move = 15 miles.


Next I moved the earth from Balboa Street into the wood containers using 2 five-gallon buckets and 1 shovel.
Second move = 0.00946 miles.


Then I photographed the containers and moved them in virtual space. The containers have been moved to:

Hong Kong. Third move = 6910 miles.


Lamma Island. Fourth move = 5 miles.


Shanghai. Fifth move = 750 miles.


The containers will remain in Shanghai until further digital movement is inspired.