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Earlier this year (2009) I moved my art studio and architecture office to Balboa Street in San Francisco then immediately left town and traveled to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Returning to my new home in the Inner Richmond district I was struck by the strange pseudo-density of the tiny wooden houses and how energy inefficient many of them are. The houses are pushed tightly together from side lot line to side lot line, yet they are often only 3 stories tall. After experiencing the density of Hong Kong, it made my neighborhood seem like a little wooden village.


I also began to wonder who my new neighbors were. There is an interesting and often contradictory relationship between the public facade of a house and the private interior space. This is especially true of the older houses that have undergone many remodels and changes of ownership.


These ideas of density, energy, and public/private character inspired the neighbors series of work.
Density: what would a tower of wood houses look like?
Energy: what does the heat look like that is escaping from these houses?
Public ⁄ Private: does the facade of a house reveal anything about the occupants?